The Biggest Mistake New Parents Make

How to Correct it, Get More Rest and Have More Joyful Days


Is being a new mom way harder than you thought it would be? 

Join me for this exclusive masterclass and learn the biggest misake new parents make and how to correct it.

Award winning music therapist Vered Benhorin will show you exactly how to make every day with your baby magical and fun, using simple skills that even the most sleep deprived mom can follow.

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The Baby In Tune Secret Formula (Shhhhh...)

Part 1

The Biggest Mistake New Parents Make

Part 2

The #1 Thing You Need to Work On With Your Baby 

Part 3

14 Skills You Need to Get More Sleep and More Joyful Days

You’re tired. 

I know. I’ve been there. My first year as a new mom was grueling.

Nursing was awful. Sleep was non-existent. I was exhausted and frustrated.

I loved my baby... But I didn't like my baby!

I tried all sorts of "techniques" and "methods" to end the constant crying and fussiness. But nothing really helped.

Until... I discovered a simple mindset shift and a set of practical skills that turned it all around.

I got out of survival mode, and finally began to love being a mom.

Now, I teach the method I discovered to moms across the continent and abroad.

And I'd love to share it with you.

- Vered Benhoran, MA, MTBC
  Founder of Baby In Tune


Who Will Benefit from This MasterClass

First Time Moms Who Want a Simple Parenting Action Plan 

Dad's Who Want a Shortcut to Being an Awesome Father

Moms of multiples who want the eldest to connect with baby

"A beautiful experience...
I’m so glad we discovered Vered!”

Neve Campbell, Actress

Sera, mom of Isaiah

I LOVED this course. It was so well done from the pace of the course, the quality of the videos, the ease of following along and the incredible content. I have never fully finished an online course and I did this one. I often watched the videos while breastfeeding my baby and then implemented when he woke up!

Diana, mom of Olivia

My baby and I loved the class. It far exceeded expectations. I found Olivia was always in a good mood, and calmer after we did the techniques together (myself also) -- so much so that I was even able to take her to a 2+-hour wait at the DMV and she barely fussed!

Mansi, mom of Mala

I just wanted to thank you for an amazing class series. In just weeks, I went from basically never singing to doing it all the time. Mala becomes more alert, interactive, and playful during the day. It was such a great schooling for me as a first time mom.

Rachel, mom of Owen

This class is the sound of motherhood. Pure magic & a must-do!  I learned tools to give him an enriching experience, how to soothe and calm my son, and how to incorporate songs into daily routines so that my baby knows what to expect.

Joy, mom of Rosie

This class taught me so many skills and tools. I learned a song with the perfect rhythm for soothing when my daughter started crying. I learned a way to engage her in tummy time. I learned lyrics that helped me understand that everything we were going through. This class was invaluable.

Claire, mom of Otis

After taking Vered's class I have a completely different experience with bedtime. it is actually the time I most look forward to now. It is a time I feel very connected to him. He gazes into my eyes and sing softly looking into his eyes

Christina, mom of Emory

Baby in Tune taught me so much about child development. I loved my experience with Vered so much, I was inspired to go back to grad school to study the connection between early childhood experiences and our adult experiences.

Conrad, dad of Sol

This class taught me new skills around music and interaction with babies. When I sing to him now, especially when getting him out of bed and down to sleep, it helps me to connect with him at a human level. I can take joy in how our connection is evolving - rather than simply focusing on the confusion of it all.

Sarah, mom of Remy

I've learned so much in this class.The techniques have continued to help us, on his first airplane trip, during school drop off for his older sister, and in the grocery store. My husband has been using them as well.

Put an End to Needless Fussiness, Crying & Interrupted Sleep In as Little as 10 Days

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